Chapter 3 COVER

Chapter 3: The Strange Case of Prof. Noboa and Dr. LaPinsky - Chapter 3 COVER


RHI HUGHES 12th Jun 2017, 6:36 AM edit delete
cool rhiannon
EDIT: wow, i thought i was done making the ol' 'forgetting to resize before uploading' mistake, but i was wrong... fixed now!)

this cover won the poll by a landslide, so here we are: the strange case of professor tito noboa and doctor helga laPinsky...

B:GJ should return soon! 1-2 weeks! exams, building up the buffer, y'know?

for now, here's a survey, because i wanna know what kinda merch 'the fans' want

also, i may do a stream later in the month, but not a spoilerus chapter 3 stream, rather a redrawing-the-first-50-pages-of-chapter-1 stream! because i wanna make first-time-reading less insufferable. look out for that, if interested!

anyway, i hope everyone's looking forwards to chapter 3; it will begin shortly!
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