Bunny Intermission / Hiatus Notice

Unchaptered - Bunny Intermission / Hiatus Notice


RHI HUGHES 7th May 2017, 3:55 PM edit delete
cool rhiannon
Hiatus! Intermission! Etc!

Announcement by Cai (Flyer Beast), a cunning reference to the one I drew for his Slug-Man hiatus!

Ok, so. Chapter 2's ended! Wasn't that great? Aren't you pumped for Chapter 3?

But, before Chapter 3: The Strange Case of Professor Noboa and Doctor LaPinsky, there'll be a short wait.

Reasons for this wait: School. Exams. Work. Etc. Life. Mostly life.

But, during this hiatus, I have a 7-page intermission drawn up, so you won't go totally without new content!

It'll be a while until Chapter 3 starts, but I hope you all enjoy the story so far! Thank you for reading!
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